Louise van Heerden is a forty-something wife and mother of four teenage girls, coffee snob, foodie and wine lover. She shares three sisters and one brother with her youngest sibling, Pauli.




Lerika Du Plessis is passionate about life, she is a dedicated child of God, daughter, sister, attorney, wife of an amazing husband and mom to a precious princess and the most awesome autistic boy. Through her journey of Hope, Faith and Love as a special needs mom, she dreams to inspire other parents in her shoes and to assure them, that there is always hope.



Mathys Bornman

Mathys Bornman is a retired amateur stage dancer, who recently left corporate academia for a career as a High School History teacher, something he knows nothing about. He does this whilst still trying to complete further degrees in Theology. He recently married Maricha and together they are the adoptive parents of four-legged Ziggy and Sylvester. Life has been nasty to him and he has been nasty with life, but they have also been friends with each other and he will share those stories here.